When it comes to motorbike shipping from Australia we are a one stop shop. We clean, prepare and arrange Packing for your bike. We also handle documentation, carnet permits and ease the pain of shipping

We here at Cargo Australia, offer you lowest freight rates to over 200 destinations around the world.

We are one of the leading motorcycle shipping companies in Australia. We offer hassle free shipping for all motorbike shippers. We are aware of the fact that bike shipping and crating is a wearing task. Many things can go wrong: your bike can shift while in transit, break and even get lost.

We arrange proper crates suitable for an individual bike, prepare the bike for export and arrange all the necessary documentation including customs lodgment.

Australia is a massive country. To ride around mainland Australia can be done in a month via quickest route, which is over 14,000kms. This is approximately 466 kilometers day.

Russia is more than twice as large as Australia (Siberia is alone more than one and a half times of Australia).

Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Russia or to miniature countries, that consist themselves of different regions in Europe or planning to travel to Mongolia, to the USA or that matter any country in the world we will keep your motorcycle shipping cost low.

When it comes to bikes, We have shipped BMW’s, Harleys and major brands. Every bike needs individual attention and do and don’ts when shipping a bike. Also, we take care of your entire personal luggage that goes with the bike, Panniers, racks, helmets and other personal belongings, which we will safely ship with your bike.

We also assist with overseas Auction buyers with the shipping of their motorbike. We can pickup the bike from Anywhere in Australia and ship to any destination of your choice. Therefore, Cargo Australia is the leader when it comes to international motorcycle shipping companies.

If you are a company that exports bikes regularly, we have the capability of shipping bikes overseas in bulk. We offer a low cost motorcycle shipping service. Therefore, for your entire bike shipping needs contact us first.

When shipping your motorbike from Australia or bring your bike down to Australia then, email us for a free motorcycle shipping quote.

We handle motorbike transit shipping insurance, import clearances if needed. Contact us first more details.

Sea Freight

SEA FREIGHT - Pallet load or full container load, just tell us what you need and we will do the rest.


24/7 rapid response for all Excess baggage or Commercial cargo to meet your urgent freight requirements.


Within Sydney or all over Australia, we are flexible to meet all your transport needs.


Express customs clearance at discount prices.Door delivery anywhere in Australia

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